Read This Update First

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please be sure to read How to ThinApp SmartStation Part 2 first before proceeding.  There are some interesting limitations that I discovered during pilot testing that you should be aware first.  Your environment could be different than mine with a different set of requirements so your mileage may vary with this approach.  Good luck!

The SmartStation Dilemma

Many small-to-mid-sized brokerage firms like the one that I work for utilize an application called Thomson Financial SmartStation.  This application is a behemoth of an application that needs to be installed on just about every computer on our network.  Brokers utilize the application to get real-time quotes, do market research and execute trades of all kinds.  This application is the main tool utilized by our core business and without it we’d be considered self-clearing which would add a lot of administrative overhead to the work that we do.

But with many applications that are this large in size, updates to the application come very and I mean very slowly.  For example, the application didn’t support Internet Explorer 7 (that’s not a typo) until Summer of 2010!  Thus, we had to run Internet Explorer 6 on a vast majority of our workstations because of this.   This application is also the main reason why a movement to Windows 7 won’t occur until they complete the web-based version of the application (a move most applications made a long time ago). Read the rest of this entry »