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The Situation

I always love the day after I push Software Updates to servers.  It gives me an opportunity to hone my troubleshooting skills a bit.  This morning when doing the usual putting out fires routine, I discovered that the VMware VirtualCenter Server service was not running.  So I rebooted the machine and still the service would not run.  So I figured that maybe the database is not up and running yet, when the vCenter service is trying to run.

I consider this because I was able to run the service manually after the server had completely come up.  So I figured I should put in a dependency for the VMware VirtualCenter Server service to run after the SQLExpress service is up.  Please note that SQLExpress is on the same virtual machine as the vCenter Server installation. Read the rest of this entry »


Snow & Ice

Well, here in Indiana we were hit with a snow & ice storm a few days ago and many people in our firm were unable to make it into the office.  So we had a record number of users working from home over VPN.  Our HelpDesk person was able to make it in (thanks to public transportation) and was bombarded with calls about users being unable to login to VPN.  I am not ashamed to admit that some things get overlooked during the account creation process (which is not my responsibility mind you) and this is one of them.

Remote Access Permission (Dial-Up or VPN)

Remote Access Permission

So the problem was that for some reason the Remote Access Permissions were set to Deny Access for a small minority of end users.  Not a big deal to fix but annoying nonetheless.  So this issue made me consider a long-term solution which would be to make changes to the account creation process and ensure that these settings are set correctly.  Furthermore, I wanted to know how to find out who in our Active Directory does not have Remote Access/VPN. Read the rest of this entry »

The Scoop

While in training last week we had a power outage on our Northside office.  One of the servers, call it SERVER1, went down as a result of the outage.  Battery backups were indeed in place but the outage lasted long enough to drain them considerably.  After the power outage was over all services came back up on the server except the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) service.  SERVER1 is a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Secondary Site.  Moreover, it’s  PXE Service Point. Read the rest of this entry »