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The other day I was looking for a way to generate QR codes that link directly to the Android Market.  I wanted to post the QR codes so that a reader could use the Barcode Scanner app to scan the code and immediately be taken to the Android Market to download the app if they chose to do so.

After searching around for a little while (it took more time than I had anticipated) I found App Referrer.  This app when installed on your Android phone will generate QR Codes as PNG files for any app that you currently have installed on your phone.  These files can then be shared using the Share menu item within the application.

App Referrer

App Referrer


This post is for those Android users who’ve been frustrated since the move by Google to change the functionality of the volume rocker in build number FRG22D.  I’ve found a nice app that will restore the basic functionality to the volume rocker.  It’s called Droid Vol Rocker and it’s developed by Over Voltage Software.  Go get it in the Android Market.

Download Droid Vol Rocker from Android Market

Droid Vol Rocker app QR code