Latest Resources

Here are a few of the latest resources that I’ve been using in my web design work.  These resources/sites have been very helpful and have saved me a tremendous amount of time.

Probably my favorite site right now for doing rounded corners because it’s the easiest and quickest that I have found.  You just simply place a value in the boxes that correspond to a specific corner of the box and the CSS is generated inside the box automatically.  It’s great for generating code for rounding corners on a box where you don’t need all of the corners rounded.  Great tool.


I’ve been doing a fair amount of sprite work lately on designing the new website.  This site has been a good help in doing this.  There is one thing that I think the site could do better.  After uploading the images, it’d be nice to be able to order them and/or reorder them instead of being surprised as to where the images will line up (i.e. whether or not an image is on the left or right, etc.).  It also requires flash as I think it’s using the jQuery uploader or something but other than that, I like the sample code and image generation.