Always an Issue

Seems like every time I go to upgrade our installation of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, I run into issues and this day was no different.  So just in case any other Systems Administrators out there are a little frustrated with upgrading this particular Help Desk software platform, I’ll tell you what fixed things up for me.

For some reason when running the UpdateManager.bat file which launches a GUI to update the software it failed (which is to be expected with this software).  We have a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database that the software is using on the back end.  The error was something like “invalid state, the connection object is closed.”  Whatever!

So I contacted Technical Support and this is what they did to resolve the issue and get the upgrade installed (pretty easy but you might not have a clue how to fix it):

  1. First go to the SQL server and launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and make a backup of the Service Desk database.  For our installation we left the database name as the default of servicedesk.
  2. After this go back to the server were Service Desk Plus is installed and launch UpdateManager.bat.  When you are prompted to take a backup, click the No button.
  3. If you are not prompted to take a backup then there is a way that you can edit the UpdateManager.bat file by adding a special switch to a line in the file.  I was unable to move fast enough to take this down when the technician typed it in but know that there is a way to bypass it all together by editing the .bat file.  You can probably contact them for the switch.

After the update installed, everything was fine.  The technician had told me that there was a known issue in backing up the database within this particular build.  Due to the language barrier he was unable to give me much more information than this–sorry guys & gals.