RebornWeb Mockup Design #2

RebornWeb Mockup Design

Just finished another mockup.  This one is for redesigning the company website for RebornWeb.  RebornWeb is sort of like the website design division of Reborn Software Solutions.  Darye (founder and co-worker) decided it would be a great idea to split Reborn Software Solutions into RebornWeb and RebornCode.  RebornCode will handle the more intense web application development projects while RebornWeb will focus on design and client-side coding.

Anyway, what better way to showcase the work that you do than to put great effort into your own website.  I believe in first-impressions and I definitely measure-up a company by the looks of their own website.  This holds especially true for websites of web design companies.  So I plan on pulling out a few bells-and-whistles for this website as I’ve been allowed full creative license to do so (I like less restrictions).

I intentionally scaled this one back as we just wanted to show our work and how much our work costs.  Most of our clients are small-businesses and entrepreneurs so cost is always one of the most important factors in deciding on a website designer.