The Scoop

While in training last week we had a power outage on our Northside office.  One of the servers, call it SERVER1, went down as a result of the outage.  Battery backups were indeed in place but the outage lasted long enough to drain them considerably.  After the power outage was over all services came back up on the server except the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) service.  SERVER1 is a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Secondary Site.  Moreover, it’s  PXE Service Point.

To the Event Log

Trying to start the service from within the WDS Console of course failed.  I took a look at the Application Event Log and discovered plenty of errors.  Some of them related to SCCM (which relies on WDS to fulfill its role as a PXE Service Point) and this one:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: WDSServer
Event Category: WDSServer
Event ID: 769
Description: An error occurred while trying to create the UDP endpoint for WDSPXE provider on interface This can happen if the network interface was disabled or changed, or some other application is already using the port. The provider  will not be able to receive requests on this interface.

Good ol’ Troubleshooting

Initially, I tried reinstalling the Windows Deployment Services Windows Component but this didn’t resolve the issue even after a successful reboot.  From the command line on SERVER1 I ran wdsutil /set-Server /DhcpOption60:No because DHCP and PXE are not running on the same server.

When I examined the logs again after performing this command I noticed that an Event ID: 770 had been generated.  Basically, this log entry informed me that a UDP endpoint created for provider WDSPXE on interface (which is the interface I was having trouble with) has been shutdown.  So I decided to open the Services MMC console and stop the SMS_EXECUTIVE and SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER services.

Then, I restarted the WDS service via the WDS Console and voila, no errors.  My thinking was that maybe certain SCCM services were interfering somehow with the WDS services’ creation of UDP endpoints for the network interface.  I then fired up SCCM services successfully and performed a restart of the WDS service again–no errors.

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